Ready for a biz journey that will not transform your experience with your business but ignite your soul?  

Then sit up straight girlfriend, the new paradigm  needs you to step into your greatness and LAUNCH BY DESIGN.  Stop holding yourself back, YOU ARE BORN TO SHINE!

In addition to effectively launching online, you’ll take a Hero’s Journey to discovering your true self… the person you were designed to become… living the life you are here to live…as a successful, service-driven CEO goddess, making her money and being totally satisfied while doing it.
This method of determining how we are differentiated from one another is making BIG waves in the business world, and on the rise to quickly become the hottest tool in business assessment!

Move over Meyers Briggs and DISC, if you want to know if you’re designed for a solo-preneur venture, a partnership, running a small business, or rising through the ranks of a large organization…we have the tool for you.

But that’s just scratching the surface! The intel we're inviting you to learn more about, assists your business efforts in a myriad of ways.  Including your true purpose, how you will succeed best in business, and what shadows may have kept you stuck in defeating patterns.  You'll also discover with step by step modules:
  • How to grow your Facebook Biz Page to 10K likes?  
  •  How to create 5k launches online in my unique way?  
  • How to create Facebook Ads to grow my group and build my 4K email list?
  • How to understand your purpose and have your business reflect your truth?
Practical business tools...but oh so much more!  Because business information is not just in the MBA programs, the high-end coaches, it is not just written in the stars, your business guidance is encoded in your DNA.  If you are willing to crack the code!

Isn't it time to align to a more graceful way to do business?

This program is a curious amalgam of the practical and the mystical. Is your interest piqued? 

Are you ready to learn:
  • Your Success Code 
  • Your inner wiring and why YOU are different?
  • Why some clients have immediate success out the gate and why others struggle?
  • How to make money in your passion?
  • The complete re-wiring of your brain for massive wealth.
  • settle for the status quo, or
  • keep living someone else’s dream!
It’s time to get in the KNOW and understand how you operate in the world of business, why a business dies or blooms. 

There is a clear diagnosis based on these three areas: 

Amy Basingstoke
Crystal Clear Life & Business Coaching
with a Spiritual Approach
Raquel Reyna and Davidian Lyon's Biz Initiation helped me to discover my true calling as a coach and healer.

 In this program I discovered my own true path, not the one everyone else thought I should be on. It is amazing how much was accomplished in such a short time! Confidently promoting my new business and owning/claiming the role of coach and healer. I allowed this to unfold naturally on its own time and in its own terms

Finally started/opened my Facebook group, which has attracted an absolutely amazing group of people with super high energy/vibes! 
Launched my line of vibrational sprays with ease and confidence thanks to understanding and trusting my Human Design and listening to my calling and desire to create something uniquely mine. 

Your human design rocked my world!

Raquel you are so good at what you do. Your Human Design Rocked my world! Thank you so much, it is a game changer!
Amanda Moxley
The Healthy Wealthy Biz Mentor
Joy Ruffen
Life Coach and Motivation 
Raquel Reyna and Davidian Lyon's Biz Initiation was the best investment I ever made.

 I am over the moon with this new discovery for me, for the first time I am able to see myself as I have always felt but held back for numerous reasons that I now understand. The best game changer so happy I found it and you guys:) Cheers!!! 😊 😇 👍

My investment with you could very well be one of the best things that I've done for me, in my entire life and, I am thrilled to be with you and Davidian. So much to do and learn and I am completely up for it and could not be in better company. 
Leimomi Keliikuli 
Psychic Business Mindset Mentor
Raquel Reyna’s program was phenomenal! Its definitely revolutionary!

We go so deep into our Human Design and brought out pieces of our divine into reality. The group program held sacred space for me to own my gifts, take my place as a leader in my industry, to heal my story, message, and new VIP audience. I was able to make consistent 5 figure months and launch my membership site and home study course with one webinar get 5 new people buying my course even with only 40 people registered.
Crystal Iris
Transformational Speaker and Coach 
Raquel’s program is phenomenal!

I’ve grown tremendously since learning about my Human Design from Raquel’s Revolutionary Spiritualized Biz Model. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on coaching programs and never received the amount of results that I have in such short time. Since this program, I was able to easily recruit 12 people into my 10 day program within 48 hours and up sell 60% of those individuals into a new 4-week program or other private services.I’ve gained excellent testimonials and received wonderful feedback. Raquel is the mastermind of this program and is beautiful from the inside out. Her generosity, selflessness and support along this journey is amazing. I’m so blessed and thankful that she’s answered her call. I’ve grown tremendously since learning about my Human Design from Raquel’s Revolutionary Spiritualized Biz Model. It has created a huge awareness for me in the way that I interact with people and in the way that I live my day to day life.
This experience, of doing the Revolutionary Spiritualized Biz Program, completely changed my life.

A year ago I was lost, frustrated, broke and chasing a business model that was close, but not aligned with my design, invested in myself and this program. Today I'm growing a healing practice with ease and Grace, as I practice my strategy, RESPONDING. I had 5k in income in the last month just in my local market, without even launching online yet (but that's in the works) l am so grateful to Raquel Reyna and look forward to seeing how the experiment unfolds! ❤❤ ❤
Crystal Noel Willingham
Owner at Crystal Clarity Consulting

Biz Initiation Week 1

Creating Your Spiritual Foundation-A Mantra a Day Keeps the Doldrums Away. No mystic business can rock without a mystical routine in place.
Cracking Your Success Code

Biz Initiation Week 2

The Human Design Inner Odyssey.  Cracking your Success Code. Deep inner-Intel on your unique DNA blueprint and personal superpower.
Cracking Your Success Code

Biz Initiation Week 3

VISION, MISSION, & PURPOSE…oh my! How can you live your purpose in your business? Understanding your Public Role? Do you think your business would Skyrocket if you were living on purpose…we do too!
Cracking Your Success Code

Biz Initiation Week 4

Facebook Bizz Buzz-The special hack we developed for all our clients to rock their biz page, their groups, their Facebook Ads! Let’s face it, you can’t rock online without mastering Facebook. Here are the tips, tricks, and hacks you need.
Cracking Your Success Code

Biz Initiation Week 5

Sacred Sales-When you are connecting at the heart level and serving your soul mate clients, sales turn into heart connection agreements. Awaken a new way to sell. 
Cracking Your Success Code

Biz Initiation Week 6

Hot & Rocking 5-Figure Challenges! Challenges are such a hot way to fill your Facebook group, make offers, position yourself as an expert, and call in your soul mate clients. We give you the step by step process for Challenge Success!
Cracking Your Success Code

Biz Initiation Week 7

Pop Worthy Titles- How to write creative content! Learning how to write copy from your soul that reflects your true self is a skill all entrepreneurs need to learn how to do.
Cracking Your Success Code

Biz Initiation Week 8

Online Business by Design- Learn your Penta, the Human Design expression of business. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know if you are designed for solo-preneurship/Partnership/Small or Large business?  There is a way to uncover this in your own chart!
Cracking Your Success Code

Biz Initiation Week 9

De-conditioning- Did you know that most people live as their NOT SELF? Curious what that means?  We teach you how to live as you were designed (and it's not what you think!)How can you learn to live as yourself?  Deepen your understanding of the Defined and Undefined Energy Centers.  Learn how your coaches, parents, society, schooling has conditioned you to life as your NOT-SELF.   LEARN TO LIVE YOUR UNIQUE DESIGN AND PURPOSE!!
Cracking Your Success Code

Biz Initiation Week 10

Your Mind Has Power.  CREATE YOUR DREAM BIZ! Understand the intense mind-power you have and how it is creating everything in your life and business.  Uncover the shadows and mind-madness that might create patterns of failure or disappointment. The force of RIGHT MIND unleashes your DREAM BIZ NOW!!
Cracking Your Success Code

In Addition:

During this sacred biz journey, we will be doing 4 LIVE CALLS and weekly Office Hours (people have said these are more powerful then any readings or coaching sessions!) For your one-on-one questions and support you need for your course.

Cracking Your Success Code
is over $4,000.00, but you can purchase it NOW
For only $997
this offer now includes the entire Human Design Inner Odyssey (HDIO) Program (normally $449).
The Human Design Inner Odyssey program is a deep-dive journey into all of the Aura Types and their Strategies, the Inner Authorities, and the Defined and Undefined Centers.  Tremendous insight into what makes you tick, as well as your friends, lovers, children, and clients!

 This is the BEST VALUE in the HIGH-END coaching market. This price, with this level support, will only be done once!
I’m Raquel Reyna, a Human Design certified, BG5 practitioner (a business-focused Human Design specialty), and a Spiritualized Business Coach. 

I’ve assisted scores of entrepreneurs in reaching their business goals and living a life that is financially supported by their service-driven, heart-centered work.

Along with my partner, Davidian Lyon, who is also Human Design certified, we are in service to helping heart-centered entrepreneurs reach their next online biz steps. 

We can’t sit idly by and watch our desperately needed mystics, healers, conscious entrepreneurs, change- makers, and vision builders… struggling financially!
Our hearts swell, seeing all of the light workers entering the business world, mutating the cold and explotive way some business is done!

We packed a little something extra for you to take on this journey... some bonus love in your lunchbox today, as an added incentive! 😉
Sales Funnel by Design (Value $350)
OMG girl!! Funnels are so HOT right now! So, how about learning your heart-centered funnel by Design? Cracking this code to simplifying your online business approach and bringing in passive income while you sleep, is a huge part of making more while doing less. Creating your funnels, based on your Design, ensures every piece is vibrating in harmony with your Truth/Purpose. You'll benefit from a simple system that puts everything together in a clear, organized funnel. 
Learn About Your Personal Shadows That Keep You in Repeat Patterns (value $275)
Transformational Meditations And Mindset Techniques To Break You Out, When You Feel Trapped (value $228)
Your Personal Fears. In which of your Gates, may particular fears be more prevalent? Learn that here. (value $197) 
  • Your Human Design Genius: Shows you what specifically makes you truly unique and how to stand out amidst the marketing noise. 
  •  How to launch online in a heart-centered way. 
  •  How to make enough money as an empath, healer, mystic or spiritual entrepreneur. 
  •   How your Human Design can give you a specific Strategy to lead you out of confusion, stress, or overwork. 
  •  How your mindset contributes to the mix. 
  •  Greater understanding and compassion for your shadows and inner fears, so you may transform and transcend these hidden blocks. 
  •  Your purpose-aligned message and the gifts that you are here to share with the world. 
  •  Practical steps on how to align and integrate Marketing strategies with your Design Strategy, to launch with a biz model that supports your uniqueness. 
  •  Specific steps in launching, Facebook Ads, and selling HIGH-END programs like a divine sales diva. 
  •  Living a laptop lifestyle, with more free time to spend with family, with loved ones, and on other fulfilling pursuits, like yoga, travel, and retreats with fancy drinks.
  •  Attracting Soulmate clients who want your medicine and who are ready and willing to pay for your services!
Access to the Membership Site
Loaded with 9 modules for a step-by-step journey to understanding your Human Design and your business superpowers. These modules will guide you through each vision and give you the tools and resources you need, to create an authentic and spiritualized business.
Access to Our Private Facebook Group
Where we will personally coach you on your Human Design and Mindset, as they apply to your business launch. We’ll also be creating sacred rituals, hold for each others' visions, and bring more clarity for each person in the group, to assist each other in expanding to their next level.
An amazing additional mindset piece you can play on repeat, to attract your ideal soulmate clients 
and increase your income.
After researching what assists new entrepreneurs make high-end sales right away, as well as what is the process to up-level to your next financial stage, we created a program just for you.


We integrate both the...


We had to invested over $50K of research to find out the hottest tools right now with the inner game, as well as online marketing to give you the VERY BEST SPIRITUAL BUSINESS PROGRAM AVAILABLE!

It’s time, girlfriend!


Pay In Full
When you commit to PIF, you save $400 and recieve additional bonuses!

Pay in Full and receive additional savings (over $400 savings) + the "Unlocking the Vault" Bonus!

In the Biz Initiation program, your business message inner and outer code is finely tuned and prepared for launching online, catapulting you as a leader in your industry.

Your high-vibe mindset tune-up!


This is an entirely NEW process of self-discovery and online business expansion.

Instant access to our private membership site.

*ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE FB GROUP: Questions answered on business, how to launch, and your personal Human Design.

So much mindset and Human Design information. So many questions answered.


**No questions asked 30 day refund guaranteed** If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee…


4 easy monthly payments of just $350.

In the Biz Initiation program, your business message inner and outer code is finely tuned and prepared for launching online, catapulting you as a leader in your industry.


This is an entirely NEW process of self-discovery and online business expansion.

Instant access to our private membership site.

*ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE FB GROUP: Questions answered on business, how to launch, and your personal Human Design.

So much mindset and Human Design information. So many questions answered.


**No questions asked 30 day refund guaranteed** If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee…
Here’s to your brilliance and to living the life you were DESIGNED to lead!!

So much love!

Raquel, Davidian & the BigVisionEnvision Team!
I highly recommend her!

Since working with Raquel, I have recommended her to quite a few people. I was impressed by her ability to transmit information about my design that allowed me to learn important lessons about how I can work more powerfully and have a greater positive impact with everything that I do. The most noticeable effect of our work together has been that I get more done by working less hard and I feel better while doing it.

Personal & Entrepreneurial Mentor, Author & Speaker
Stephanie Mathews
Magical Mothering Mentor
You have changed my life!

I am a Manifesting Generator and have never understood why all my services that I wanted to get out into the world were sizzling out so quickly.Since listening to your teleconference a couple months ago and you said, “Stephanie you are to wait to respond!” My whole world is falling into place literally by magic!I am also super excited about the new golden path that you are on. The universe is catching up to my entire shift of being that has occurred, and I’m really excited to see where this goes. I am so completely blessed by you!
Discovering my purpose aligned my career powerfully.

The specific strategies for my unique Design helped me set up a routine and the productivity was through the roof! I found my purpose and stuck to it, after the training without hesitation.Raquel is so kind, gentle and wise beyond her years.

Sonia Bhalia
Film Maker + Entrepreneur 
Shelley Cerny 
My training with Raquel was by far the most illuminating and detailed Human Design information I’ve ever had.

Learning my Human Biz Design gave my business the confidence and sense of strength I needed for every business interaction every day.