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Raquel Reyna and Davidian Lyon
Hot-Blooded Facebook Ad Passionistas

After running our own Facebook ads and hiring expensive copywriters, who wrote lukewarm, unappealing ads, we took the matter into our own creative hands and wrote, designed, and managed all of our own Facebook ad campaigns.
Yes, it was trial and error, at first, with some admittedly expensive lessons, but we learned well and rocked it!
How do we define "rocking it‚ÄĚ?¬†
  • Actionable leads to over 140 in 2 weeks
  • Facebook likes to over 24,000
  • Business page engagement and video views to over 23,000
Our transformational coaching clients started asking what we were doing and if we could help THEM do the same, so we did, and this sparked our new "done for you" Facebook ad agency... for local and online 6-figure entrepreneurs, who are ready to extend their reach into untapped areas of the internet, and grab the attention of those who may never discover them otherwise. 

Wouldn't it be nice to set your marketing on auto-pilot, grow your online presence,  regularly obtain consistently HOT leads and increase your brick-and-mortar foot traffic?
Untold numbers of unseen customers are standing by...let us help them find you!
Enter your contact details below and we'll demonstrate how we'll fill your waiting room, store, or online scheduler to capacity! 
Frequently Asked Questions:
What's Included in This Free 2 Week Facebook Advertising Campaign?
A). The use of our custom advertisement, landing page, and email auto-responder template, along with our managing the process and tweaking any of the elements in real time, to optimize the number of ideally-targeted leads being led to your offer.

What's NOT Included in This Free 2 Week Facebook Advertising Campaign?
A). The cost that Facebook charges to run the campaign. The higher the amount of the daily ad spend, the greater your potential reach. We recommend $210 total for the 2 week period, which amounts to $15 / day. The minimum amount required to see good results is $5.00 per day ($70 for the 2 week period). 

How do Facebook Ads work?
A). Facebook has an incredibly powerful advertising platform for which we can target your exact audience by age, gender, location, interests, online behaviors, & hundreds of other factors. Our specialty is finding your customers online (those who may not otherwise learn of your existence) & bringing them to you! We can even target your past customers, as well as retarget those who visit your website, to increase your number of actionable leads even further!

Can I see some samples of your work? 
A). Absolutely. Please use the "learn more" button, to inquire further, and our team will be happy to provide some mock-up design samples, appropriate to your industry, so you can get a better sense of the quality of our work, prior to your 2 week trial campaign!

Do you work with our competition?
A). We only work with 1 local business niche per 10 mile radius, to avoid any conflicts of interest among our client campaigns. If upon completion of your 2-week free trial, you decide to continue utilizing our services, the 10 mile radius around your location would be secured and no competitors in that area would become our client. 
Your competition has an automatic Facebook lead generation machine. 
Can you afford not to do the same?
Learn how we can do the exact same thing for you FOR FREE! (all you pay is the ad spend).
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